If you need more room but don’t want to build out or have used all the options above ground, it makes sense to convert or decorate a basement into a liveable area. With a basement renovation, there are countless possibilities for expansion, from large living areas, playrooms, and home offices to specialty rooms like home gyms, movie theaters, and wine storage. Here, we’ve collected remodeling ideas for the basement and professional pointers to help you complete the job successfully.

Make the room more functional.

The best thing about basement renovations is that they provide additional space. If you want to keep the first floor of your house uncluttered, clean, and peaceful, think about combining all the handy and desired places in the basement. We’re talking about designating a portion of your area for mudroom ideas, laundry room ideas, or even a kid’s playroom. You can transform even a tiny basement into an elegant and valuable addition to a house.

Squeeze in all the natural light possible

Adding more natural light early in the planning process is one of the most crucial small basement ideas you can use. You can toplight the basement using roof windows, glazed exterior panels, or even open trusses and glass railings on your basement stairs.

It also helps to choose a light wall color. Prioritize creating a light and bright environment so your basement becomes a place you would love to be in. Additionally, light is crucial when thinking about basement office design ideas.

Install light wisely

A basement will receive top light through glazed light wells, which you can install on a deck, patio, or backyard. This will enable you to increase the basement’s floor space beyond the house’s footprint. Or you can decide to have an interior light well installed on your home’s bottom floor, close to a window.

Install a warm floor

Basement flooring options should fulfill several requirements. For example, they should be durable given that your basement will likely be used for everything from gatherings to watching sports (consider family room ideas for inspiration) to storage for the clutter from your family that you can’t fit upstairs. Having warm-toned floors can help the room(s) seem welcoming while reflecting light to make the area appear bigger and brighter. A floor like engineered wood that runs all the way through is ideal.

Add creative storage ideas.

Carefully consider ideas for storage and bedrooms in basements. In a living or games room with limited floor space, built-in storage solutions like shelving, cabinets with space-saving sliding doors, or under lift-up lids in chairs are all excellent choices. Swap closet space for peg rails in guest bedrooms, but consider investing in a storage bed underneath, where you can store everything from extra bedding to out-of-season clothing.

A key takeaway

As part of a basement redesign, it may be worthwhile to consider expanding the space to allow for more natural light and a link to the outside. Keep the area as open as possible to allow natural light to flow through the room.