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Various Roofing Issues to Watch Out For

The roof is certainly the most important component of your home, as it protects the building against the harsh UK weather, and if you are new to home ownership, roof maintenance is an integral part of regular building maintenance. Here are a few common roofing issues, along with suggested remedies.

  • Missing or Broken Roof Tiles – You might think that roof tiles are fixed securely onto the roof, yet they can be lifted by gale force winds, so you need to inspect the roof after every bout of bad weather. If you lose a few roof tiles in a storm, this would be a time to call out an emergency roofer in Bristol who would be able to find matching tiles and carry out prompt repairs.

  • Storm Damage – This is a common cause of roof damage, as gale force winds can send flying debris into contact with your roof, such as garden furniture and tree branches, and if your roof is damaged, call out an emergency roofer as soon as you can.

  • Blocked Guttering – If you have overhanging tree branches, the chances of a blocked gutter are very high, as wet leaves and small twigs can easily cause an obstruction, and in sich a case, excess rainwater would gush down the outside walls and that will cause damage to the brickwork and plaster.

  • Soffit and Fascia Boards – These protect the underside of the roof and in high winds, a section can easily break away from the fixings, and that is something to repair as soon as you can.

It does make sense to have your roof inspected at least once a year, and after a storm, you should carry out a visual inspection if at all possible.




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