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Reclaim Parts of your Garden with Tree Stump Removal

Many UK homeowners have at least one tree stump in their garden, a relic of a previous large tree that had to removed due to old age, and for most, the tree stump offers no use, indeed, it hampers other ideas. Thanks to development in technology, you can now have all those old tree stump ground down to sawdust by asking your local arborist to bring his stump grinder to your property.

How Does a Stump Grinder Work?

A series of tungsten carbide circular blades rotate at high speeds, churning up the stump and turning it into sawdust, and when looking into tree surgeon costs in Farnborough, you will be happy to learn that stump grinding is very affordable. The machine can go down to one metre below ground level, which effectively removes the obstruction.

Compact and Manoeuvrable

A stump grinding machine is easily manoeuvred, so it can get into those awkward corners and remove once and for all, any annoying tree stumps you might have on your land. Once the stump has been mulched into sawdust, you can have some sand added and after the area is cleaned up, you can put down some grass seed.

Major Benefits of Stump Grinding

The benefits include:

  • Reclaiming areas that were previously unable to be used.
  • Making the garden look nicer.
  • Reduce the risk of ground movement.

If you have a few old tree stumps in your garden, search online for a local tree surgeon, who would have at least one stump grinder and can safely get rid of the stumps once and for all.







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