A Detailed Guide About Dome Homes

Dome housings or dome houses highly depend on the roof’s shape. No matter if one is redoing an old roof or building a brand new barn, it is essential to choose the correct style of architecture and material for specific purposes keeping in mind the climatic conditions. A Dome house is basically an architectural design made to hold snow, rain, and wind.

They also have options for climate control and insulation wood stoves to use as shelters for every season. These also consist of various overlapping elements. Homeowners who are futuristic and environmentally conscious, glamping retreats and eco-resorts incorporate dome housings. These are made of materials like slate, wood, flagstone, composite materials (fiber cement and concrete), plastic, mycelium, hemp, bricks, marble, and metal.

What makes dome homes attractive?

The key selling points of dome structures or dome homes are;

  • They are comparatively easy to build or construct
  • Low Cost maintenance and building
  • These can withstand rough climate changes like earthquakes, gusty winds, heavy rainfall, etc.
  • The style and concept of dome housings were initiated back in the time of the 20th century thus, they provide an aesthetic look to the whole building architecture
  • It gives a geodesic look to the modern houses
  • The spherical shape of the dome houses makes them more efficient in energy consumption compared to the traditionally shaped houses.
  • Dome housings can lower both the cooling and heating costs and the hollow sphere can hold or trap both cold and hot air in summers and winters respectively
  • Dome housings are easy and faster to build
  • Requires fewer resources and materials compared to the requirements of building a modern-day house or traditional housing.

Is dome housing safe?

Yes, it is safe. The reason dome housings are so popular is their sustainable design or structure. The shape of the dome distributes any vibration or stress evenly without any supporting walls, pillars, or columns, making them surprisingly stronger than the traditional housings.

Dome house contains the ability to endure and withstand most geological and meteorological events that include storms, cyclones, hurricanes, extreme temperatures, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes.

This architectural excellence does not require any frequent repair or rebuild, thus, this helps in cutting down the cost and the consumption of the materials required for the building as well as the manpower and energy used when the reconstruction is going on.

Are dome housings attractive?

Absolutely they are. It is easy for many people to dismiss the idea of domes due to their futuristic curiosities and modern look. But, however, the plan of open floor space along with the geologically safe architecture creates a great impression of a futuristic housing design and this idea can be incorporated in the coming years to come in more architectural plans.

Dome teaches everyone sustainability and longevity. Great celebrities like Kanye West also happen to love dome architecture and he funded the construction of 4 dome prototype homes known as Yeezy Shelters.


Dome housings are getting back its popularity with time. Futuristic architects too are very keen on bringing back the dome house styles. It is assumed that the world will get to see more of these architectures in the coming years.