Roof Repair: Traits of Bad Roofing Companies

Some roof repair companies are recognized for supplying superior service, while some are recognized for participating in underhanded business tactics that make use of the customer. How do you differentiate from a good along with a bad roofing contractor? Generally, figuring out whether roofing companies are trustworthy requires knowing signs of dishonest contractors. If your provider of roofing maintenance is required, don’t employ a contractor who displays the twelve signs below, simply because they signify a dangerous contractor.

No Licensing, Connecting, or Insurance

Licensing, connecting, and insurance safeguard homeowners against unprofessional workmanship, stolen property, and damage to property. If your contractor lacks a contractor’s license, connecting, or insurance, she or he shouldn’t be hired because of the potential of unrecoverable financial losses.

Door-To-Door Selling

Well-established companies never perform door-to-door looks for new clients. Rather, they acquire new customers by person to person and advertising. If your contractor stops with a home while offering to repair a roof covering, this means the contractor has got the time for you to drive around to check out new clients. Trustworthy contractors who’ve a properly-established subscriber base rarely have plenty of time to get this done.

Supplying a Bid Without Performing a check mark

It might appear as though a roof covering repair contractor can use his expertise to create a bid without performing a check mark, but that’s and not the situation. This really is unlikely because the price of a roofing job depends upon stuff that are just discoverable throughout an inspection, along with a trustworthy contractor wouldn’t risk undercharging to do the job by putting in a bid without performing a check mark. A dishonest contractor, however, could make an instantaneous bid because she or he needs immediate earnings.

Reluctant to place All things in Writing

Roofing projects involve several factors that needs to be written right into a signed service contract, particularly:

Planned materials to do the job

How lengthy the work will require to accomplish

An in depth description from the work order

The all inclusive costs for that project

If your provider of roof maintenance hesitates to incorporate one of these simple elements within the contract, don’t sign anything. When the contractor stands firm in refusing to incorporate the elements, employ a different contractor.

Requesting Payment Upfront

Some contractors request money to purchase initial supplies, which isn’t considered suspicious, but contractors who request a large payment upfront (e.g. 20 % or greater) ought to be prevented. In some instances, these contractors make use of the money to complete another project. Even worse, some roofers that request a large payment upfront go ahead and take money and run. A properly-established roofing contractor doesn’t have need to request a sizable payment upfront.


Roof repair companies vary from upstanding contractors who perform excellent try to contractors who don’t mind benefiting from the client. If your provider of roofing maintenance is required, make sure to avoid contractors who display the twelve signs above, since they’re frequently suggestive of dishonest contractors.