Best Swimming Pool Cleaning Practices to Ensure That Your Pool and Remains Clean

Pools and spars add beauty to the whole home and building structure on top of providing a relaxing place. Pools also get used for fitness and therapy services, hence ensuring that they get well cleaned occasionally to avoid the spread of germs and diseases. Pools get used by numerous papers and may easily be a place of infections and contaminations if not well cleaned and maintained. WaterTex Pools ensure that pools get well cleaned and repaired within their areas of operation. The services provided ensure that the pool users get an exceptional pool experience that surpasses their expectations. The various pool cleaning services to adopt include:

Weekly pool cleaning

A weekly pool cleaning involves several pool repair service weekly cleanings: all standard chemicals and checks and water chemistry adjustment. In addition, the net pool gets cleaned of any debris, and the tile lines, stairs, and seats get brushed to remove any dirt that might be there. The skimmer and pump basket’s cleaner bag and screen get emptied, and a visual inspection of the pool is performed. The check gives a clear picture of the pool’s state, enabling the clear identification of the areas that require repairs. Finally, the weekly pool cleaning service involves the lubrication of moving O-rings as needed.

Drain & clean

The pool water should always be clear, which shows that the pool is spotless. Whenever the water turns green, it becomes necessary to do a pool repair service cleaning to get rid of the dirty water in the pool. The process begins with draining the pool using a submersible pump that removes all the dirty water from the pool. After the water has gotten removed, the remaining debris gets cleaned, followed by cleaning the tiles and surfaces with a power washer. The pool filters also require a thorough cleaning to ensure that all the piled-up dirt gets entirely removed before the pool gets refilled.  Once the pool gets full, the final step is to pour the startup chemicals, and the once dirty pool gets fully transformed into a thing of beauty.

Filter clean

The pool filter performs several functions within the pool repair services, such as normal filtrations or pool vacuuming. The filter needs to be very clean to enable it to function well within the pool. The first filter clean process begins with the disassembly of the filter, removal, and separation of grids /cartridges. Then a thorough cleaning of the media to remove the dirt and debris. A visual inspection of filter components gets done to ensure all the parts function well. The client gets notified of the necessary filter pool repair services and reassembles the filter.

One time clean

The one-time clean mainly aims to get the pol back to a manageable condition or prepare for special events.  The pricing for the service gets done according to the client-tailored pool needs. Also, the clean ensures that the pool gets well inspected and the necessary repairs.