Tools Used by Locksmiths are Of Different Types and Shapes

The surgeons will not be able to perform much without their tools. The same is true for the locksmiths who are professional and takes pride in their work. They need a lot of tools to work out the problems that are often placed in front of them. There are people who need to get their keys made and others need duplicates while a third one may need him to install new locking system. The tools of such professionals are a bit confusing as there are many works that they can do with multiple types of tools. The best way is to know more about the basic tools and then slowly go about knowing more tools and the effective ways to use them.

Tension tools

These are used by most of the locksmiths as they need to work on locks that have got pins within that need to be held to work on them. The pins are tiny and are placed with care and the working hands should hold the lock and then work with the pins. The wrenches that come under this head are the wrenches that are mostly L shaped and you may find different other tension tools – for similar work. You will find the locksmiths if you search with the words ‘Locksmith Near Meand they will all have similar tools to provide respite to people with their locks and keys.

Key extractors and key cutters

The set of keys go through different types of bumping and juggling. This often causes the key to break when it is within the lock. The key extractor is a thin piece that is long enough and is made of metal. This is used to retrieve the piece of key that remains inside the lock and then other tools are used for preparing the key afresh. The key-cutters are manual, tubular and automatic and are used for cutting keys of different types. The cutter wheels are also there for similar work.

Pick gun and Bump keys

The pick gun is used to figure the lineup of the different pins within the lock. They use a small rod to place into the lock and then use this gun to hit the locking pins to force the pins in all direction. Then the smith uses tension wrench to turn the lock and make the work faster. Bump keys are simple ways to open locks. They are cheap and made from keys that are used into locks. The key has its deep cut and helps to open locks.

Key machines

These are to provide the customer with new keys. The machine helps the smith to cut the keys in proper shape so that they fit easily into the lock. These are machines that are advanced in feature and offer many services to different types of customers. Lock picks are kits that are used to pick locks of single pin. They are also used for wafer locks and circular shaped disk locks. There are half diamond picks, the ball pick and the hook pick for picking different types of lock with different pins. When you find your ‘Locksmith Near Me’ you will find him with the kit with Rake picks and the Inner groove lock picks too. There are several other similar tools that help the locksmith to provide his service well to his customers from residential or commercial world.