How to Determine you have Pest Infestation Problem

During the past years, bed bugs infestation has increased incredibly. You may often feel there is no escape from these blood-sucking critters. It would not be wrong to suggest that bed bugs have been infesting homes, hospitals, warehouses, offices and every other place that is suitable hunting ground for them. Apparently, the bed bugs are small creatures that may not be easily visible. Therefore, you should be prudent in your search for bed bugs infestation in your house. The question to ponder upon would be how to be sure that your house has been infested with bed bugs.

Find below helpful tips to help you carry effective search on where to look and what to look for. Despite you being sure there are no bed bugs in your house, the search would not do any harm to you. Rather it would help you prevent future infestation.

  1. Check the side of beds

The sides of beds would be the popular hunting grounds for bed bugs. You would be required to search thoroughly for any signs of bed bugs infestation on the sides of the bed. It would be possible by removing the sheets and bedding from the bed. You should check for any signs of bugs thoroughly. It should not be casual act of search, as you would have to face the music later.

  1. Search for dark coloured spots

When searching the sides of beds and back of headboards, you should be looking for dark spots. It would be the faecal matter left behind by the bugs. In event of you finding some dark coloured spots, try removing it with damp cloth. In event of the dark coloured spot being faecal matter left by bugs, it would leave a smear when cleaned with damp cloth. You could also take time out to search for any live bugs or skins that have been left by growing bugs.

  1. Search for place where eggs are laid

You should search for areas behind the bed and headboard for eggs of bed bugs. These would be easily visible to the naked eye. The eggs would be the size of the grain of rice. It would be white in colour. It could be easily be found around the edge of mattress seam.

Only when the exterminator finds infestation de punaise de lit, they would determine the best mode to eliminate them.