Generic Questions Related to Painting Propane Tanks

Regardless of the size of the tank, a propane tank can be a good showpiece for your home’s outdoor area. Do not feel embarrassed to place the typical colorless propane at the front of your house. There are many ways to add colors to this beauty. It is certainly possible that you can paint your propane tank.

Common questions related to painting propane tanks:

  • Can I paint my propane tank?
  • What colors can be used?
  • What type of paint can I use?
  • What to do if my tank rusts?
  • Can I make perform multiple paints on my tank?

Let us slowly begin by understanding every question’s answer one at a time.

What colors can I use for propane tanks?

NFPA has standardized certain colors on the propane tanks. They will not mind if you paint the tank with light and subtle colors. Some state laws do not allow certain types of paints and colors for these tanks. Common colors that are allowed to use are silver, gray, and white. Other light colors like beige and pastel can also be used.

Why can’t I use dark colors?

Dark colors absorb more heat and light colors reflect it. This was taught during our science class. A dark colored tank may expand due to the heat absorbed and out more pressure on the tank to explode. There are higher chances of combustion with a dark colors tank.

What type of paint can I use?

Choose a paint that is specifically meant for painting metal surfaces. Such paints are rust protectors and do not allow the propane tanks to cause any kind of wear and tear. Paints from trusted companies ensure a longer shelf life of your tank.

 What to do if my tank rusts?

Check for any rusts and damage before you begin painting. Rust is usually dull and dark in color. Rusted tanks are contributors to absorb more heat. Consult a technical person or a skilled staff from the tank company and fix an inspection day for your tank.

Can I perform multiple paints on my tank?

Color blending is ok to an extent provided the colors are subtle. It is always wise to discuss it with the supplier or the company from whom you have purchased the tank. In order to beautify your tank, you may beautify the surrounding where the tank is placed. Make nice fencing, decorate the boundary and leave a good warning message for the trespassers to be careful of the tank.