Five Factors to Consider while having Deer Fences

Deer fences are a common way to keep deer from entering your property. However, they can be built in different ways, and the cost will vary depending on the type of fence that you choose. This blog post will look at some factors that you should consider when deciding what type of deer fence is best for your property.

Factors to consider when deciding on deer fences:

1. Size of your property

If you have a tiny yard, then the cost of deer fencing may not be worth it. If you are trying to protect larger sections of land, though, deer fences can be extremely effective against preventing damage from overpopulated herds.

2. Reason for Fence

Deer fences can be used for a variety of purposes. If you want to keep deer out of your garden, building an electric fence will work best because it is close enough to the ground that they cannot easily jump over it. For larger areas, though, having a high fence could make more sense.

3. Budget

As with most things, the cost of deer fencing will vary depending on what type of fence that you choose. A basic wooden fence can be bought for as little as $150 per 100 feet, but it may not offer any protection against wildlife. Building a more effective wall might require hiring someone to install it, which could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

4. Maintenance

Deer fences should be checked regularly to ensure that they are still working. If you have an electrified fence, it is imperative for the wiring to remain taut so that the deer cannot knock it down quickly. This can also help prevent other animals from entering your yard, but if the fence becomes loose, it may need to be fixed before the wires pose a hazard.

5. Risk of Injury

Deer fences are usually relatively safe, but they can pose a risk to humans who do not know that they are there. To avoid injuries, it is essential to ensure that the fence remains in good condition so that you can see it if someone tries to walk over it without realizing what is on top.


All of these factors should be considered when trying to figure out what type and how much fencing is necessary for your property. Fences can vary in size, cost, and protection, though, so finding one that works best for you will take some time and research on your part.