Few Expectations from Any Good In-Home Care Services

Due to your profession and work situation, often most of you have to live in faraway places and therefore you may feel safe to leave your parents under the care of in-home care services. You can always get updates about their well being and make sure that they are getting proper care that is needed.

There are few good in home care services available who take good care of elders and make suitable arrangements and care plans in order to meet specific needs of individual people. Thus, the senior people get an opportunity to age in a graceful manner in a safe and secured environment and preserve their own independence and dignity too.

Following are few expectations from such home care service providers with regards to companionship and proper care.

  • Provide enough social companionship to elders so that they can interact with people of their age group which can enhance their quality of life and happiness.
  • Provide healthy and nutritious foods for them
  • Regular cleaning of their room, bathrooms and keep the rooms neat and tidy by arranging every item in proper place.

Shoe cabinet gives a unique idea to keep the shoes away from the sight.

Providing them daily newspapers and any other stationery items that they may need

  • Make arrangement for any grocery item or any other item that may not be available nearby place
  • Arranging for their regular medicines
  • Remind the elderly people to take their medicines at appropriate time so that they may not forget their medication
  • Helping them to wear their dress, combing, wearing the shoes and tying the shoe laces etc.
  • Taking them to doctors, barber, beauty clinic, shopping whenever they feel the need
  • Washing, drying and ironing their clothes
  • Helping them necessary transportation facilities to move around the city.
  • Few recreational facilities like in door games, walking in the park, hobbies, visiting to church, or any other places to keep the elders feel active in their body, mind and spirit.
  • Provide assistance to send their mails and pay their bills if any

  • Making arrangement to communicate with their children and update them about their present condition
  • Providing necessary safety at their place and facility to call for any kind of emergency situation.

Few personal care services are also expected from such services

  • Help them to take bath
  • Help them to do exercise so that they can remain physically active and agile
  • Help them to position properly if the muscle is stiff
  • Help them to go to toilet
  • Helping them to brush and other oral hygiene
  • Feeding any special diet if necessary