Easy Ways to Make Your Garden More Private

No matter where you live in the country, you can still create your own little oasis in your garden. Just because you reside in a built-up area which is surrounded by other properties, doesn’t mean you can’t produce a place to relax and unwind.

Property owners want to create private areas for a wide variety of reasons, but many are unsure about how to do so. If you are struggling for ideas, you can get extra advice from tree surgeons who specialise in felling, stump removal and tree pruning in Bournemouth. An experienced team of tree surgeons should be able to provide:

  • Expert recommendations
  • A fully qualified team of experienced technicians
  • Safe working environment
  • Modern equipment
  • Quality customer service

Sunken Area

If you are surrounded by prying eyes and you’ve restrictions in place that stop you from increasing the height of your walls, you can always look to include sunken areas. Lowering the ground by a few feet will give you a space which allows more privacy. You can create a den for the kids and seating area for the adults, surround this with foliage and you’ve a private oasis.

Raised Bed

The way you grow and prune your trees is important when it comes to concealing your garden. Even the fastest growing plants can take years to grow, the trick is to put them in a raised bed, so they have already started off a couple of inches above the ground. You can make a raised bed as high as your desire.