Secure Your Home on a Small Budget

You’ve invested everything you had into buying your house and turning it into a home you can appreciate. It’s only right that you invest a bit more to protect it. A property can quickly be destroyed by means beyond your control leaving you with an expensive mess to clean up. Preventing events like robberies, fires, or natural disasters may be impossible, but you can reduce the chances of it happening to you. Even if you don’t have much money to spare, you’ll find these home security tips to be both easy and affordable.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fires and gas leaks break out in homes across the country on a daily basis without providing homeowners with much notice. You may not be able to stop the fire, but early detection can save your life and your property. Install fire and carbon monoxide detectors on each level of your house. If you contact your local fire department, you may be able to get a few for free.

Basic Home Security Monitoring

Home security systems have gotten so advanced that it can cost a lot to have one installed in your home. That being said, they are essential for deterring burglars from entering your home. So, if you can’t afford all the bells and whistles take out easy and quick cash loans and have a basic system installed on your property. A few window and door sensors on the main floor and a control pad with 24-hour monitoring services do a lot more than nothing at all.

Blinds or Shades

If people can easily see into your house, they can determine what you have and when you’re not there. It can be just the sign a burglar needs to break in. You can avoid this by making it harder for people to see if you’re there. Window blinds or shades are an ideal solution. They can be positioned at an angle that makes it hard to see directly into the home.

Add Locks

You can never be too secure in your own home. Adding locks to the windows and doors can enhance your safety. Deadbolts, for instance, make it harder for thieves to enter. Locks are very affordable, so grabbing a few won’t hurt your budget. Also, you can install them on your own to save on the cost of labor.

Motion Lights

Bad guys don’t want to be seen committing a crime. If you want to deter them from burglarizing your home, installing motion lights is a must. These lights come on when the motion sensor goes off creating a spotlight so you and others can see what’s going on. Installing on on the front and back door should be enough to steer thieves in another direction. For additional lighting, you might consider inexpensive landscape lighting ideas for dark pathways.

A secure home is a comfortable home. If you’ve been holding off on home security for fear it would cost you an arm and a leg, you should seriously reconsider. The above ideas will reduce vulnerabilities and increase awareness in and around your home. Although your safety is invaluable, there are ways to secure your home without ruining your finances.