Ductless Wall Mounted Heat Pumps and Their Advantages

Do not get confused with wall mounted heat pumps and commonly used wall-mounted air conditioners. Many of you may not be aware of, that by using any wall-mounted heat pump, you will not only heat but also at the same time air condition your home. Therefore, if you want to make your home cozy in all seasons, then wall-mounted heat pump can be your best choice than having an air conditioner. Not only in summer but also during winter months too the same equipment will remain in use.

GNR Corbus is one of the very well-known residential Air Conditioning, Ventilation, and commercial Heating company in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada and in addition to that there are number of other multinational brands also dealing with this wall mounted heating pumps.

These wall-mounted heating pumps can be installed very easily and that is the reason for its popularity. Any house which does not have the facility of central air conditioning or heating during both summer and winter climate, such heat pumps can be easily installed. Also, their price is not that high and you do not need to burn your pocket in order to buy them. Another cost saving that you can make is that it does not need any expensive duct work.

How to install ductless wall mounted heat pump

Installing such heat pump is not a very big deal however it is essential that you take the help of any professional installer for installing such pump at your home so that he can position it in symmetrical manner. Besides that, there are number of safety points that any professional installers are aware of, which is essential for not only the safety of operation but also longer life of the equipment.

Your pump too will work smoothly if any well experienced technician installs this heat pump. Also, the warranty for the equipment will be valid only if the equipment is installed in proper manner by a professional installer.

Following are few advantages of such wall mounted heat pumps:

  • You can avoid a major headache as well as expenses of installing any duct.
  • The same equipment will be used for summer as well as winter seasons
  • The energy efficiency of any heat pump is of very high order.
  • Its heating cost is much lower than any other electrical heaters
  • If your house is much bigger then you can install a number of heat pumps for different rooms
  • Does not produce any sound while operating